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 Living the Law of Attraction

Living from the Law of Attraction is the concept derived from the Law that our thoughts and feelings create our experiences, and that we attract to ourselves that which we focus our attention on. This concept or Law has been known by great thinkers, spiritual teachers for thousands of years, and discovered in more recent times by Quantum Physics including one of the greatest physicists Albert Einstein. This Universal Law has recently gained mass popularity due to "The Secret", Oprah, and other mass media outlets. Because of this, you can use the principles of the law of attraction to relieve stress, and to attract the life you choose to experience. (I’ve used it in my practice and in my personal life, and it works!) The following steps can lead you to the less-stressed life you envision, via the law of attraction. Know what you need to be aware of is that merely sitting around wishfully thinking will bring nothing but disappointment; there is work to do on your part. We need to jumpstart or activate the Universal process of attraction if you will, by incorporating a few additional steps along with our “faith filled ” positive thinking. We must take inspired action towards achieving what it is you choose to create and experience, not only in thought but in action too! Now this is where I come in to play and assist you in developing one of the most important key elements to the creation/attraction process. Visualization! Visualization is a very vital and powerful activity. In fact, Medical Research has proven that our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between an event taking place in thoughts (Visualization) or an event taking place in reality. The subconscious mind sends the same signal in both the case. So with that you I can teach you how to train your subconscious mind and fill it full of the positive things you choose to do, have, or be, and with inspired action, you can watch as it begins to unfold as your life experiences.

Vision Board Sessions

So…What is it you choose to experience? What images would you choose to represent your dreams? What words motivate and inspire you? Let’s capture them by creating your own personal vision board that represents your goals, aspirations, and grandest dreams!

What is a vision board you ask?

A Vision Board is a portable collage of images and inspirational words representing goals and things you choose to create in your life. The more clearly you can visualize the story of your vision and goals the stronger the attraction to those things!

During these individual sessions I will teach you a 5 step process and have you on your way to creating the life of your dreams. I will also help you create based on the Feng Shui principles of placement, your own vision board as your constant reminder of what it is you are in the process of creating!

Benefits of Visioning and a Vision board

  1. Helps you get clear about your goals, dreams and aspirations.

  2. Activates your imagination (subconscious mind) which is one of the most important aspects of manifesting what it is you choose to experience in your life. See the end result only! Come on…these are your dreams, dream big, imagine, have fun! The worst thing that can happen is that you actually experience they wonderful things you have imagined!

  3. You focus on what it is you choose rather then what you don’t want or have, thus you are creating what you choose!

  4. It’s a daily reminder of what delicious stuff you are creating! Keeps you focused on and connected to your goals. Helps keep you in divine inspired action!

  5. Gets you into a position of allowing and receiving, as you begin to fulfill goals and attract the things you choose into your life. What you believe and expect…you get!

Vision Board Party

Now that you have learned how to begin creating your success, help your friends and family get in on the action too! The next time you plan a gathering, make it a purposeful, creative, and unique one, by having a vision board party. Not only will people have fun, but they will walk away with new insights, and new and positive way of thinking, and a vision board that they can use as inspiration to keep moving forward.

Planning Your Party

Pick a date

A Vision Board Party is 3 hours in length. This includes a guided meditation (to relax and    open up to begin visioning) and a brief overview of what vision boards are and how they work. Then there is the actual creation of the boards and sharing.

 Invite your friends. An ideal number of guests would be between 8-10 people.

Create the environment.

Pick a space where your friends and family can sit comfortably on couches and on the floor. Space needs to be big enough for people to spread out with their magazines and poster boards.

Leave the rest to me.

I will provide the poster boards, glue sticks, and scissors. All you need are your favorite magazines. Having food and refreshments at the party? Don’t feel like cooking or planning a menu? Visit and let them take care of your catering needs for a day or night of stress free fun and learning.

(I will travel to anyone in Charlotte, Concord, Matthews, Indian Trail, Monroe, and Fort Mills and Rock hill South Carolina.)

For more information about individual sessions or parties please call 704-649-9078

Need invitations for your vision board party? Download and print your invitations below.

Colored vision board party invitation.pdf

Black and white vision board party invitation.pdf

Colored vision board party checklist.pdf

Black and white vision board party checklist.pdf




Third eye chakra


Third Eye Chakra Symbol Facilitates:

  Spiritual connectedness, insight, visualization into manifestation, clearing of grief, augment healing and imagination.