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Outpatient Therapy therapist session

When providing outpatient therapy to individuals, groups, and/or families, I utilize a holistic wellness approach when dealing with my clients. I do not see you as “your story, your past, your perceived failures, or limitations.” You are so much more than you realize! Through utilizing talk therapy techniques, we will begin to explore underlying causes of what has you, the group, and/or your family out of “alignment.” It is my belief you must treat the “whole” person to include: mind, body, and spirit. You cannot separate one from another. Also included in this holistic approach, I examine and include a person’s environment, social functioning, and natural supports, as a way of assisting individuals, groups, and/or families on their journey of healing. While facilitating the healing process, I will utilize Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques. The primary goal of using this treatment is to eliminate current unproductive and unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that create inner conflict and then out picture in your life as your experience and that are not in alignment with what it is that we are trying to achieve during our partnership back to wellness. I use this approach because I know it is ones belief system that governs ones life. Your thoughts become things and then behaviors. Unless you are willing to examine your beliefs, thoughts and ideas, and extract those that are unhealthy and no longer serve you, you will continue to create unhealthy negative habits and situations in your life. Once you change what you are thinking and believing about yourself, your life, about others, only then will you be able to begin the creative process. At this point you will begin to create from this new perspective the life you choose to live, instead of being held captive by the false beliefs and ideas of the past that you had been claiming as your truth and finally begin to heal.

I work with individuals, groups, and/or families who have experienced Child Abuse, Neglect, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Low Self-Esteem issues, Disruptive Behavior, and Family/Marital discord. I also work with individuals, groups, and/or families who are experiencing issues such as: Depression, Bipolar, Bereavement, Anxiety, and Parenting issues.

Therapy fees and scheduling:

Please note that all therapy sessions are conducted by appointment only. Sessions typically last approximately one hour per session and occur at least once a week for at least 3 months. Group and family session may go over an hour depending on the number of participants and issues being worked on. Length of time needed for results for each type of session will vary depending on the issues to be worked on and the commitment level of the participant/participants. However, please know that commitment in either case is the key to success

Please give me a call to discuss therapy fees.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

As apart of providing therapy, I will complete a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment. An assessment gives me an overall glimpse into your life and how you are functioning in each domain of your life (social, work, family, etc.). An assessment for a child is geared to the child's age and stage of development. When conducting an assessment for a child, I will include information provided by parents, teachers and other collaterals involved in the child’s life.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for Provisionally Licensed Social Workers- P-LCSW

If you are in need of Clinical Supervision and are seeking to learn from the best… then look no further! I believe that I provide the most comprehensive weekly supervision session in area. I give people what I did not get during my supervision session while in pursuit of my clinical license over 8 years ago. Not only are my supervision session helpful in learning mental health disorders, or appropriate therapeutic interventions with different client populations, but they also help you prepare to study and pass your exam, as well as, we also delve into the area of personal development to help you become a great therapist.

Starting the process:

Upon us entering into agreement, each supervisee must first submit a copy of their resume, provisional license, paper work from the Board, and unofficial transcripts, in order for me to create a file and keep track of their compliance/progress with supervision prior to supervision starting.

Each session must be paid in full prior to the start of that session

Each supervisee is required to have a weekly sign in sheet for which ever board they are accountable to (i.e. LCSW or LPC) that they keep and I keep a copy of for my records and tracking of their hours.

The format:

The follow is the curriculum if you will that I use when providing supervision:

DSV-IV Training cover to cover.  In doing this, each supervisee will have a thorough understanding of each disorder, its criteria, and the differential diagnoses associated with each disorder in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

I go over each domain on a Diagnostic Assessment Tool (i.e. presenting problem, social, mental health, medical, substance abuse history, etc.) in an effort to teach each supervisee how to conduct a thorough assessment with an accurate diagnosis, as well as, how to write a professional and clinically sound DA. At the end of this section of their training they will be able to glean all necessary information within a 30-45 minute session with clients, interrupt the information, give an accurate diagnosis, and write it up clinically and professionally.  I also give mock case studies to diagnosis and write up on a weekly basis in order asses their strengths and weakness.

I also teach effective treatment interventions and modalities for each disorder along with discussion surrounding different medication therapies that are most used or most effective according to research and most prescribed for each disorder where appropriate.

Lastly, I also teach how to write appropriate therapy notes using the P. I. E. format with appropriate techniques, modalities, interventions for a variety of the different disorders. 

Supervision session meet once a week for at minimum one hour per session. There is a fee per supervision session that needs to be paid in full before each session starts. Please give me a call to discuss the fees.

Spiritual Empowerment coach

Empowerment Coaching

What is Spiritual Empowerment Coaching you ask?

"Spiritual Empowerment Coaching is a partnership in which we work together as I help you discover and connect to the power within you. This power has always existed and is waiting for you to awaken to it. I will guide and support you on your journey of self-discover as you uncover your true self and reclaim voice and power. Through this process, you will awaken to a higher level of personal and professional development, goal setting, and achievement.  This form of coaching also provides the structure, support, feedback, learning, and accountability that is necessary while you are in pursuit of achieving your most important personal and profession life goals."

As your Spiritual Empowerment Coach, I know that you were born from Greatness! I see you not as your stories, your limitations or your perceived past failures. You are so much more than you realize. What shines forth when I see you is your limitless potential. I see a container or conduit that is capable of stretching and growing to access greatness just like those who have made a profound difference throughout the history of mankind. This is your potential too. It is your birthright.

Tapping into infinite possibilities or achieving lofty goals is not reserved simply for the rich and famous, the most-educated, or the elite of the world. You too have access to the same limitless potential. When talking to those of who have achieved great success in many different areas of their lives, they often attribute their success, gift, or inspiration to a higher power or source. Many often say that when they achieved their success or goals in life that they were lucky or at the right place at the right time. I like to call it being connected to and in alignment with God, or Source, Spirit, or The Great I Am. Don’t get caught up in semantics, yet strive to understand the concept. I'm here as an example to all that no matter what your life experiences are or have been, or how you feel about yourself and your life, we are a spark of the Divine with amazing gifts, talents, and abilities. It is my role to assist you in making that which you once believed to only a dream or inaccessible to you become your reality.

My coaching program is for you if you choose to:

  • to discover new ways of building self confidence and a healthy self esteem

  • to overcome negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs

  • to feel more comfortable with yourself and others

  • to fully respect and accept yourself with all your unique qualities and talents

  • to enjoy communicating with others without worrying what others think about you

  • to take full ownership of your life and create the results you choose now

  • lose weight, improve your health or reduce stress

  • find a new job or identify a more rewarding career

  • start or grow a business or achieve more small business success
    become more motivated, driven & inspired

Both individual coaching and group coaching sessions are done by appointment only. Individual session lasts approximately one hour per session and occurs at least once a week for at least 3 months. Group coaching session can last as long as 3 hours per group session depending on number of participants and issues being worked on. Length of time needed for results for each type of session will vary depending on the issues to be worked on and the commitment level of the participant/participants. However, please know that commitment in either case is the key to success!

Coaching Fees

Please give me a call to discuss coaching fees.

When you elect to prepay for the entire month of coaching in advance you will receive a 10% discount


All coaching conversations are confidential. All information given during individual or group coaching sessions will be held in confidence and will not be discussed or written about outside the sessions.

Coaching Refund Policy 

Your personal satisfaction is important to me. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with my coaching program, a refund will be provided under the following conditions:

  • 100% refund will be issued if you have paid by the month in advance and you wish to cancel the coaching program before the start of our first session, minus any applicable fees for materials and any online merchant payment processing fees.

  • 75% refund will be issued if you paid by the month in advance and wish to cancel the coaching program after the first coaching session, minus any applicable fees for any materials purchased and online merchant payment processing fees.

  • No refunds will be issued after the second coaching session if you paid by the month.


Third eye chakra


Throat Chakra Mandala Facilitates:

 Higher communication, proper judgment, ideal resolutions, release of temerity, augment self-expression.