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Adrienne Norwood, Licensed Therapist

Adrienne R. Norwood

Licensed Therapist

Qualifed Mental Health Professional

Adrienne Norwood’s story reads much like a best selling, block buster escapade filled with very low, low’s and very high, high’s. Her life is a testament of pain, abuse, struggle, strength, courage and triumph! Born to an unwed teenage mother in Reading, PA and growing up in a household headed by three generations of single women who endured years of emotional and physical abuse at the hand of the men in their lives, and who modeled these unhealthy relationships and poor self image/ low self-esteem for the young and impressionable child who would unknowingly begin to repeat some of the same cycle she was born into. Although she has endured unspeakable challenges in her life, Adrienne was able to overcome those challenges and go on to inspire others. She credits her spiritual beliefs for sustaining her during both the good and rough times. From her experiences she uncovered her life’s purpose, discovered and tapped into the power within, rediscovered her true spiritual self and has emerged as a living example of God’s Prevailing Love, Peace, and Ever Present Power.

Ms. Norwood found herself being divinely guided to relocate from Pennsylvania to Charlotte, North Carolina. Her journey in life sparked a desire to serve others and led her to become a licensed therapist. As the first and only college graduate to date in her family, Ms. Norwood graduated with a Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina, and then earned a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina at Columbia (USC). While attending USC, Ms. Norwood’s graduate work took her to Ghana West Africa. Upon graduation, she completed two years of clinical training and obtained her clinical license to practice.

Against all odds, she opened her own private practice serving those with mental health disorders and victims of domestic violence and anyone with a desire to change their lives. It was her mission to help this underserved population and anyone who came to her to discover their true selves. Guiding them from a holistic prospective (mind, body, and spirit) she helped them realize that they too could overcome any challenge or obstacle in their lives, and that they were not their “disorders.” Ms. Norwood taught them that they were divinely created with all the potential in the Universe and she gave them tools to unlock the power that always existed inside them. As a result of her approaching every client from this higher spiritual perspective, Ms. Norwood transformed the lives of her clients.

Although she has prevailed against the odds, overcome many challenges, and grown exponentially both personally and spiritually, she recently endured her biggest life lesson ever when she and her 2 year old daughter were held hostage and then eventually kidnapped and taken out of the state of North Carolina. Adrienne knows that her spiritual guidance and sharp clinical skills saved their lives. After taking time out to engage in the healing process she is now ready to share her untold story with the world. She has committed herself to reach the masses with a message of resilience, awareness, empowerment, universal connection/oneness, and spiritual consciousness.


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